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Development Director

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The Alliance Center
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Denver Metro
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Organization Overview:

联盟中心的愿景是一个可持续和公平的未来,所有社区都能繁荣发展, democracy is strong, the economy works for everyone, and the planet is healthy. 联盟中心在行动中展示了可持续性,并动员变革推动者加快解决方案以实现这一愿景.


The Alliance Center has three main strategies to advance our mission and vision:

  1. 提高变革推动者的能力,推动关键的可持续性解决方案 Nonprofit Center.
  2. 动员365手机登录的变革推动者网络,应对气候变化,并通过气候变化,加速向一个公平和再生的社会转型 Regenerative Recovery Coalition.
  3. 利用365手机登录的建筑作为示范场地,试验可持续发展和健康挑战的创新解决方案 Living Lab 程序.


访问 to learn more.


Overview of the Position:

发展主任是联盟中心的主要领导者,也是战略决策的积极参与者. Reporting to the Executive Director, 发展主任负责支持该机构履行其使命的所有发展战略和活动. 该职位负责规划和执行年度筹款计划,以确保慈善捐款支持机构的战略计划和年度预算. 发展主任负责制定长期发展计划, expanding and diversifying The Alliance Center’s funder base, and growing a culture of philanthropy throughout the organization. 发展主任领导发展协调员,并将与执行主任、董事会和工作人员发展委员会密切合作.

发展主任必须有可靠的实现积极筹资目标的记录. 成功的候选人将有助于建立新的关系,建立联盟中心的可见性, 影响, and financial resources. 开发总监必须是一位杰出的领导者,他设定了很高的期望,并对使他们的团队满足这些期望充满热情. Knowledge of and passion for sustainability, 股本, and regenerative principles are key to this position’s success.

Areas of Responsibility


  • 领导制定并实施全面的发展战略, 安全, and grow: corporate, foundation, and individual gifts.
  • 制定并执行一项巨额捐献成长及管理计划,以每年显著增加收入并灌输一种真正的感激之情.
  • Enhance corporate giving and partnerships; elevate current sponsorships and expand corporate giving prospects and 程序s.
  • Accelerate foundation giving; build relationships with key foundations, 维护和发展健全的授权日历,从而产生许多成功的提案.
  • 领导年度和持续的筹款收入预测和目标设定.



  • 以包容和合作的方式领导开发团队,创造慈善文化,并达到或超过筹款目标.
  • 监督和维护筹款数据库,以确保完整,准确的记录和易于使用.
  • Create, and manage the development budget.
  • Ensure that all proposal budgets, financial documents, and grant reports are timely, 准确的, and aligned with organizational strategic priorities and grant obligations.
  • Track key performance indicators for development team to ensure goals are met.
  • 创建一个基于团队的环境,适当地支持团队成员实现他们的个人目标和集体目标.


Board Management and Support

  • 领导董事会和员工发展委员会,并有效地促使他们为组织创建和实施一个筹款策略,以达到或超过收入目标.
  • Partner with the Board Governance Committee to help identify, 培养, 招募新的董事会成员,他们有意愿也有能力通过参与筹款活动来推进联盟中心的使命.
  • 参加董事会会议,并继续与董事会合作,以创造和保持真正的慈善文化.
  • 制定战略,利用个人技能和董事会的关系来增加慈善收入.  
  • Attain 100% board giving each year.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Degree or certificate as a fundraising professional.
  • Driven by results.
  • Compelling conversationalist and active listener.
  • Articulate public speaker with ability to think on his/her feet.
  • High standard of quality and discipline.
  • Oriented by a growth mindset in a lean start-up culture.
  • Comfortable relating to diverse people and personalities.
  • Experience with donor database management best practices. Salesforce experience highly preferred.
  • 高度的自我意识、谦逊、人际交往能力、幽默和情商.
  • 7+ years as a fundraising professional with a proven track record of success.
  • 有效发展和管理与高净值个人的长期关系的能力, corporations and foundations.
  • Belief in the importance of sustainability, and regenerative principles.
  • Values diversity, inclusivity, equality and 股本.
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills; ability to effectively manage development communications related to storytelling and advance the case for support on behalf of the organization.
  • 能够影响和吸引广泛的捐助者,并建立长期和信任的关系.
  • 具有战略和创新思维,能够管理短期和长期的计划和目标, with a record of achieving results.
  • Successful in managing a team of staff members. Effective team worker and welcomes collaboration.
  • Strong organizational skills and a tenacious problem solver.
  • 有活力的专业人士,能够处理大量、快节奏但公平的工作量.
  • Ability to work both independently without close oversight, 同时也是一名有团队精神的人,能够与联盟中心内外不同级别的员工进行富有成效的交流.
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors and board committees.
  • Ability to develop and successfully manage a budget.
  • Exceptional level of authenticity and integrity.

This is a full time, salaried, non-exempt position. Salary range is between $80,000-$100,000 annually depending on experience. 


Schedule and Work Environment:

  • 联盟中心提供灵活的工作安排,可以满足申请人的需求.
  • Some evenings and weekends may be required to fulfill the duties of this position.
  • As the majority of The Alliance Center team is still working from home, this position can start remotely. 随着丹佛市和县的限制解除和建议改变,这将随着时间调整.




This position qualifies for benefits, including:

  • Flexible working environment: employee chooses home, in-office, or hybrid
  • Employee Wellness Programs to encourage work-life balance (yoga, mental health workshops and resources
  • Health coverage, 100% paid for by the organization for the employee
  • Flexible medical savings plans
  • RTD Eco-Pass
  • Matching retirement plan
  • Generous paid holidays (all federal holidays, plus 12/24-1/1 paid off)
  • Paid time off (15 days to start and 20 days after three years of employment)
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave
  • Being part of an amazing team making the world a better place!
How To Apply

Please email: [email protected] 附上你的求职信和简历,并在邮件的主题栏中写上发展总监. 申请将被审查,面试将在滚动的基础上进行,直到职位被填满. No phone calls, please.

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