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A Little Help

Leadership Circle Member

Contact Information
[email protected]
Phone Number:
Mailing Address: 2755 South Locust St., Ste. 220, Denver, CO, 80222
County: Denver
Colorado Region: Western Slope, Ft.Collins/Greeley, Denver Metro
Organization Information
Mission Statement:

A Little Help connects neighbors to help older adults thrive.

Year founded: 2007

Volunteer Services- direct services: transportation, yard work, snow shoveling, home organization, handy help, technology, social connection
Service Saturdays!- yard and home chores
Care Share- caregiver respite
Tough Talks- speaker panels
Teen Team- intergenerational mentorship
Scouts and Sages- intergenerational story-telling and crafting
Summer Picnics- social mixers

Populations Served: People Living With Disabilities, Elderly, Rural, Urban


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